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Auto Repair Guide

Toyota Secondary Air Injection System Repair and its Use


All vehicles have one thing in common. They will require a secondary injection system. They, therefore, ensures that the vehicle in good service so that it complies with gas emission compliance. The purpose of these injection pumps is to render the vehicle environmentally pollutant free. It is also called the smog pump that reduces gas emissions. It is important that drivers ensure that their cars are running well and make sure that they have a reduced gas emission. The smog pump plays an important in ensuring that they control and minimize the emission that is well exerted to the atmosphere by the automobile. The air injection system supplies oxygen to the port that causes gas composition of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide to burn to make an easier depletion. Toyota secondary injection system repair has check valves that are essential in preventing exhausted air from flowing into the system that would eventually cause irreversible damage.


The toyota tundra secondary air injection system repair has an air distributor who is also known as the manifold. It plays an essential role in making sure that it switches the air flow direction to both the catalytic converter and the manifold exhauster. It also has an air pump which is responsible for creating a force that it pushes fresh air to the system, which is enabled and facilitated by an electric motor belt. Toyota cars have a diverter valve which helps in ensuring that the cars keep a huge amount of air from getting or entering into the system while or at the moment in which the car is slowing down. It also helps in facilitating and reducing backfiring of the air pressure.

The toyota tundra secondary air injection system  has a primary us of consuming excess fuel which is injected to the system during the cold start enrichment of the car before it reaches the catalytic converter, which eventually helps in improving tailpipe emissions. It should be noted that the listed below are the consequences of burning excess fuel. One is a high concentration of the unburnt hydrocarbon, as well as the filing of the catalytic reaction of the converter surface which might reduce its efficacy. The use of air injection into the manifold helps in improving the car's emissions, and as a result, the car temperature increases which is brought forth by the reaction.  It is also wiser to ensure that, one has already made prior arrangements for getting their Toyota secondary air injection systems.